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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Everything you need to know about turbo upgrades and big HP for the TT.

I would put this post in the FAQ list, but I feel it deserves its own post. It is a goldmine of information for anyone looking to upgrade the engine on their TT even to the most extreme levels.

Topics covered include turbo selection including expected WHP and spool RPM, turbo setup components and upping engine displacement with a stroker setup.

Props to Nate (cincyTT) for writing it.


victor said...

Hi mate, its very informative! Thanks for the great post.

I am just wondering if you have a definitive answer to my question. I own a 180bhp tiptronic TT, which i have tuned up to stage 2. Now, i am going to put in a large turbo and K04 is not going to satisfy me. I am looking for a turbo which can at least offers up to 320-350bhp. But my mechanics said the gearbox is not going to be able to withstand it. Do you have any information on this? It would be much appreciated!


Filip said...

The transmission itself is very capable of taking that kind of power, however the stock clutch is not. Spec, SouthBend, and ECSTuning all offer clutch and flywheel upgrades that you can look into.

victor said...

Does anyone know whats the max torque the tiptronic gearbox can withstand?

Filip said...

Sorry, I missed the part about it being a tiptronic trans...

Basically, you don't want to do a turbo upgrade on a tiptronic trans lol.

Here's a quote from John@20squared tuning on Vortex:

as syktek and the others can attest to...i wouldnt even try and put a big turbo or anything of the such on a car that is equipped with a tiptronic.
I know syktek was able to do it for a little while but i remember talking with him and he said that the trans was slipping big time in between the 3rd-4th shift and others.
Either go through the friggin nightmare of swapping out the trans to a 5 or 6 speed manual setup or sell your car for a manual if you are really wanting to make some more power.

I would highly recommend the latter of those 2 options as the trans. swap is just about everything short of PURE HELL.


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