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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lightening the TT - ways to save weight.

The TT is a somewhat heavy car. In my book at least, a sports car should be <3000lbs.

Here's a list of stuff that cincyTT compiled. Remove stuff at your own discretion :)
Counterweight - 35lb
Smallerbattery -20-25lb
Lighter seats - up to 80lbs
Urethane side skirts - 10-15lbs
Remove SAI, N112, N249, intake box, covers, etc -4-5lbs (with plates and bolts)
Crossover pipe - 3-4lbs
Lightweight 17" wheels - 8-12lb/wheel
2 piece rotors - ~10lbs/side front, ~6lbs rear
Aluminium calipers - 3-6lbs/side
Lightweight turboback - 15-20lbs
Light weight flywheel - 8-13lbs
Remove rear seatbacks - 15-20lbs
Remove spare for fix-a-flat - 30lbs
min - 290lbs
max - 339lbs

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Douglas said...

I've stripped the interior out of my car: carpet to headliner... top part of dash was left as well as I had a driver seat, steering wheel and a metal stick with a shift knob on top left when I was done.

I found that the car was MUCH faster and I actually have MOST of these things still removed (pending interior mods that I'm debating which direction which to go in)...

However the handling was much worse. Our weight already sits in the front of the car. So I've been thinking about ways to remove weight from the front and move other neccesary weight to the rear.

A lightweight battery would work, or moving the stocker to the rear seat are (after you delete it of course!)

Removing the twin front-mount intercoolers helps some I found. Go the FMIC route of course. Keep the cross pipe since it connects the two frame rails.

Front brakes would be the biggest weight loss is my new understanding. The comparison between stock mk4 brakes and the 4-piston 12" willwoods is 44 LBS!!! Thats unsprung weight of course & TT brakes are even bigger than mk4 brakes, so even more savings!

Oh exhaust system swap is great too for weight savings.

So are coilovers.

Pretty much upgrade everything, get performance, save weight!



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