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Saturday, August 23, 2008

OEM look R8 style LED running lights are here.

I've abandoned this project, but I'm leaving the pics up for others to see.

Please don't send me emails asking about how to replicate this because these LEDs proved to not be suited for this purpose, therefore I can't recommend doing what I did.

And at night. Please note that the lights are WHITE. Due to lack of white balance capability at night, they appear bluish in the photos.

By now you're wondering: "wait, so what about turn signals?"


I converted the stock foglight projectors into turn signals with a cluster of amber LEDs. I eliminated hyperblink with appropriate resistors.

Now you ask: "so wait, you got rid of the foglights?"

Well yes, in exchange for a set of real, properly positioned foglights:

Here are some concepts I sought to illustrate in my design.

-Every LED points forward. This way, the lights are only intense when viewed up front and from a slight angle. No blinding people next to you. This is how it's done on new Audis.

-The LED lights are almost unnoticeable when off. They reside behind the stock style corner lenses (I use OSIR clear corners) and are barely visible behind them when off. With smoked lenses, I highly doubt they're visible at all when off. This is how it is on new Audis; the lights are not obvious when they're not on.

-The lights are not used as turn signals. Audi does not use them as turn signals, so neither do I.

Pic from above:

-I use clusters of LEDs instead of single LEDs for each dot. This is also how Audi does it...if you look VERY closely at the R8/S5 in person, they are in fact clusters and not single LEDs.

Here's a few more pics:

They can be run in conjunction with angel eyes, although it's a little overkill.

Just angel eyes:

With LEDs:

Here's a video demoing everything. When I drive up, it's just the LEDs on.

I am currently waiting on a quote from a CNC shop for a distribution worthy version of these. Stay tuned.



Daniel Fischer said...

I'd really love to have these installed, wow! =]

you rock.

Chris said...

I love the LED running lights. Great stuff, and the install looks awesome with the angel eyes.
HOWEVER, I have some reservations about where the fog lights are placed. They just ... 'feel' out of place in my opinion. I think they looked better where they were stock but I understand the point of the turn signal there. Not sure where they would go better as I haven't tried to think of it, though.

BUT, I do love it. Your hard work paid off and you can be proud. Excellent job!

Filip said...

Thanks for the compliments! The fogs could actually be moved to the outer grills, however that would have required a bit more tweaking. I went with the simpler option, seeing as I pretty much improvised the fogs in the first place. I just took the bumper off one day and poked around to see where I could put them.

dimis said...

they look perfect!!!i am from greece and i have a mk1.where caqn i buy leds like yours?i would apreciate if you send me the email,adress,phone number of the shop you bought them cause i bought leds from a shop but there are very small.

Audi TT RS Project said...

Too bad you didn't go through selling them.
Our stories are very much alike.
And I have a kit for sale! :)

Read on at:



Rynth said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
X2 said...

LED lights are very attractive. I got to have one of these. Nice post.

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