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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Where to buy a Euro headlight switch.

My headlight switch started taking a dump on me so I looked into getting a Euro switch to replace it. So what's the difference between the two, huh?

Only real difference is that the Euro switch allows the use of rear fogs. I thought for the longest time that it enables you to run fogs without low beams (other VW Euro switches do!)...but mine doesn't!

Euro TTs have different tail lights; the Euro lights have amber blinkers and have a rear foglight in place of one of the reverse lights. Picture of sh-tsweak's TT shows the difference well:

As for where to get it and how much....

The Audi part number is 8N1 941 531A and it is about $116 @ but it's not listed on their site directly. You have to email them for a quote then follow their instructions for ordering. Here's an email sh-tsweak posted up from TMTuning. Again PLEASE email them for a quote first since the price may have gone up for the switch.

How to place a special order for a item not listed on the site::::

Go to the site and add anything to the shopping cart, then when you go to checkout by clicking on the main cart icon and the order window comes up change quantity to "0" and continue with the order and in the comments box put that you would like to order the part and include the description of the part and or any part numbers and prices I quoted you.

If you have any other questions just let me know anytime.


Also have some patience. Mine took 3+ weeks to arrive.

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