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Thursday, February 12, 2009

How to replace your brakes with Porsche Boxster (986) brakes

The 986 generation Boxster S uses a sweet set of four piston Brembos, meanwhile TTs are stuck with single piston VAG parts bin calipers. How lame is that?

Fortunately, Boxster front brakes swap very easily onto our cars. They use the same rotors, and you can keep the same brake lines. You can get a set of Boxster calipers on eBay for ~$400 or so. If their paint is in lousy condition, send them my way! I'll powdercoat them in the color of your choice.

Here's l88m22vette's thread on how he did his upgrade:

Here's his parts list:
arts/price list:
* Mk1 Porsche Boxster (986) front calipers - $415
-- Porsche parts numbers 986.351.421, 986.351.422
-- Brembo 1pc 4-piston aluminum calipers, as opposed to the stock steel 2pc 2-piston calipers. I got them from German Auto Parts Distributors, an awesome source - 706-865-5200. Ask for Joe. I received the calipers in great condition.
* 986 replacement hardlines and bleeder valves - $180.
* Pure Motorsports 986 carriers (with carrier to caliper bolts) - $175
* Hawk HPS pads (or whichever you like)
--- Boxster front pad #: HB289F.610 - $95
--- Audi 225TT rear pad #: HB364F.587 - $50
* SS front/rear brake lines (with spring clips) - $150, ECS
* Boxster caliper-specific banjo bolts (different thread pitch than VAG) - $25, ECS
* New plain, vented replacement rotors for 225 - $160, MJM Autohaus
* Brake fluid - Motul RBF600, $45...I was going to use ATE Superblue, but that will eat up seals.


Jon said...

With this list, are you replacing the front calipers and pads all around?

Filip said...

The list in the post is vette's list, in which he replaced the rear pads on his 225 (read: different from 180) as well.

joel CAS said...

May i ask, will a set of Boxster S Calipers be a direct bolt on for my MK1 Audi TT 3.2 with 334mm rotors?

Many Thanks


Filip said...

I doubt it, since the stock 1.8T TT rotors that the Boxster brakes fit on are 312mm...

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