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Monday, February 9, 2009

One year and counting!

The resource has been up for just over a year now, some may have noticed the first post was in January of last year.

To date, it has had just over 30,000 views. In the beginning, the average was about 4-5 views a day. These days, most of the time it receives about 150 views a day, sometimes as high as 250.

The site could have never been even remotely popular without the TT enthusiast community reading up and spreading the word. Many thanks to all of you and I look forward to spreading much more knowledge to the Mk1 community.

P.S. some of you may have noticed that I cut the formatting down to five posts per page. This is to make the site a bit more manageable for 56k and even broadband users. Due to the large number of pics on a single page, one would have to wait for them all to load or suffer through jumpy browsing as the pictures came up. With five posts per page, this issue is eliminated, and the page can be accessed from phones etc more easily.

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